Hitler Rants on Book Publishing

We are beginning a series of thoughts on book publishing by prominent thinkers. Beginning with Herr Hitler

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5 Responses to “Hitler Rants on Book Publishing”

  1. MJN/NYC Says:

    You had fun with that!

  2. Kristen L-M Says:

    Holy frijole that was funny. I love a good Mein Kampf joke/Jeff Bezos joke.

  3. Becca Says:

    My boyfriend and I just watched the vid and I broke into full Leslie laughter! Dave loved it – he works at Apple and wants to link to the vid via facebook if thats ok – he said his buddies at Mac will love this.

    Well done you!
    Becca (and Dave)

  4. Patricia Says:

    Who ever thought that I’d feel some sympathy for Adolf Hitler? ; )

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