An Interview with Alan Rinzler and Myself

Author Meghan Ward has a fantastic blog about writing called Writerland. Recently she did an interview with myself and my friend (and legendary editor) Alan Rinzler. I’ve interviewed Alan on my blog before. It’s a long interview. So feel free to turn it off  if Alan or I seem too full of ourselves.

Meghan’s blog is very good though and I urge you all to take a look at it. Right now she is doing a survey on what kind of advances authors are getting for their published books. So if you are willing to share that information, check  it out….. And don’t lie!


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8 Responses to “An Interview with Alan Rinzler and Myself”

  1. Meghan Ward (@meghancward) Says:

    Thanks so much for the link, Andy! Although the interview is long (55 mins) you and Alan are highly entertaining. No one has been bored yet! As for the survey, 90 authors have taken it, and I’m hoping to get 100 by tonight. I’ll post results tomorrow!

  2. Katie Mahon Says:

    Andy-really appreciated the scope covered in this interview. I do want to add that it is possible to be plucked from the proverbial slush pile with a well thought out and vetted Query letter, and a follow up Book Proposal waiting in the wings as my co-authors and I can attest to. I’d like to believe that good writing in combination with an original idea (or approach) can trump Platform and Blog/Twiiter followers on any given day. Otherwise, new voices will not be heard and the barrier to traditional publishing impossibly high. At least in non-fiction, I would find new voices (without the cookie cutter celeb, high exposure formula) refreshing. I wonder if readers, given more choice, would too.

    • andyrossagency Says:

      Katie, thank you for giving us your inspiring story. I have probably gone overboard in pointing out the difficulties of getting published in this environment. I always feel that people’s expectations should be realistic. But it is good to know that good books are getting published. And are even being found in the slush pile. (I’ve found some very good books from unsolicited queries).

  3. M.E. Anders Says:

    Really enjoyed your interview at Meghan’s blog – fascinating discussion amongst the three of you. You’ve now got a new blog follower. 🙂

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