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Ask the Agent, the e-book, is now available for  purchase in both Kindle and epub editions.  This book contains the best selections from the Ask the Agent blog as well as new material. It  includes lots of agent advice for writers on getting published, thoughts about  writing and publishing, and Andy’s recollections of his 30 years as owner of the legendary Cody’s Books in Berkeley.

Some Highlights:

  • 6 misconceptions about literary agents
  • 11 steps to finding an agent
  • 5 tips for writing query letters
  • How to pitch to an agent
  • Publisher Rejection Letters From Plato to Hitler
  • Book to Film Adaptation (Interview with John Robert Marlow)
  • The First Book Ever Written
  • Ann Lamott and Albert Camus on Writing
  • Learning from Lee Child
  • Eunuchs at an Orgy: Authors on Literary Critics
  • Copyediting at The New Yorker (Interview with Mary Norris)
  • Remembering the Rushdie Affair


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